Thoughts on Couples

Love takes courage and hard work. Anyone can fall in love at the most basic level of infatuation and desire. Very few can love so purely and profoundly, striving to achieve the basis of unconditinal love.  Those that do take the time to work at it. They bravely face their demons in the mirror so to ensure those darker sides don’t negatively impact their relationships. They are able to interact with their partner at a level that is respectful and detach enough to keep themselves relatively free from fear of pain. They are able to trust in themselves, their partner, and that unifying spirit – that one way or another everything will work out for their greater good.  They hold tight to faith.
I’m not saying that things are always perfect with these relationships. Many face incredibly difficult times, but somehow, something keeps them together. They stay focused, engaged, and continue to work on themselves and work for the relationship, which sees them through to the other side of whatever hardship they face. Their commitment to each other is enviable, and their love amazing.

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