It is amazing that one little word can mean so much.

“It is written . . .”

I have a strong desire for everything in my life to come into a place of balance.  I want it ALL – a bounty of love, peace, and prosperity.  Because of this, I have a tendency to try too hard. I find myself struggling against myself, my life, in an effort to make things “right.”

Recently, I have taken to singing a song that I learned at church.  “I release and I let go.  I let the spirit run my life.  No more struggle, no more strife.  I am only here for God.”  In truth – at the very core of my being – I have dedicated my life to god, and to helping others. This song has helped me to find a balance, and a certain measure of peace.

Then, I read The Alchemist, and saw that one little word – Maktub.  Wow!  One little word made all the difference in the world.  I don’t need the song.  I CAN let go! I already have.

Why do I need to work so hard?  It’s already written.  I know it will all work out.  I have done (and continue to do) work on myself.  I have (and will continue to) help others.  I know, now, what endless possibilities life offers.  I know, now, that god will take care of me. All I need to do is follow the river and not struggle against the current or grab at the sides.

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