Letting Go

One of the hardest lessons I have been learning lately:

Letting go of things when they are unclear, lettting go of things unwanted, and letting go of the good stuff too.

I have had a habit of holding on too tight.  I am learning to relax and let go.  I don’t have to know all the answers.

At the same time, I can’t give up.  I have to say “fuck it” in the healthiest of ways – not as a result of pain and lack of faith, but coming from a place of detachment and trust that the universe has my back.

Once again, I take a deep breath and release . . . detach . . . LET GO . . . trusting in the divine order and time of the universe, knowing whatever happens is for my greater good, and knowing that my best life is NOW – at this very moment.

I AM happy, healthy, whole.  I AM complete within myself.

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