The Wheel

I recently learned an NLP technique that helps to rid people of limiting fears.  Basically, you think about whatever it is you are afraid of – whatever gives you knots in your stomach.

Allow yourself to focus on this fear for a moment.  What color is it?  All of our feelings have a color associated with it.  Continue to focus on this fear . . . imagine a wheel spinning counter-clockwise – the same color as your fear.  As you focus on the fear, the wheel grows bigger . . . spins faster . . . continue to allow yourself to feel the depths of this fear.  Experience the discomfort in your body.  See the wheel spinning faster . . .  Then, stop.

Now, pick the opposite color to your feeling.  Focus on the opposite feelings . . . (if it was rejection, focus on acceptance; conflict, focus on agreement/understanding). Allow yourself to feel the depths of these positive feelings.  See a wheel in the opposite color – bold and bright.  Allow this wheel to spin clockwise . . . growing larger and brighter . . . spinning faster as you focus on these positive emotions.  Experience the softness in your body.  Feel it open.  Spin the wheel, bold and bright . . .  Allow yourself to feel the peace and joy of this affirmation.

Now, every time you begin to have the feeling of that same fear . . . spin the wheel clockwise.

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