Meditation can be done anywhere, at any time.  You don’t need to be sitting in a quiet corner trying to bend your legs into the lotus position, chanting OM.  You can be walking, doing dishes, or some other little task.  (Though I don’t really recommend it while driving!)  It is the art of immersing yourself into a single-focus, and ultimately into no focus at all. 

A lot of people say “I’ve tried meditating, but I don’t know what to do.”  Meditation isn’t about doing.  It’s about un-doing.  Sure, some meditations come with visualizations – which are nice, often deeply relaxing, and sometimes incredibly therapeutic.  But meditation in and of itself is about the act of just BE-ing, noticing what your senses are telling you, and allowing your thoughts to drift away like clouds.

For instance, let’s go with the idea of meditating while doing the dishes.  For many of us, it is an unpleasant task.  Let me assure you, however, if you can allow yourself to be completely present – you may actually come to enjoy your time washing dishes.  You may even want to start doing them by hand!

Practice:  Next time you find yourself at the sink, take a few deep breaths … allow yourself to feel the weight of your body.  Notice how you are standing.  Are you comfortable?  Hear the water running, feel the temperature.   Is the stream hard or soft on your hands?  It’s ok if your mind starts to wander into thought.  Whenever you notice this happen, take a breath and return all your attention to the water.  Sensing the water, you begin to notice all the elements in the sink.  The colors, the textures … feel the sponge … see and hear the bubbles … notice your hands as they move across each dish … immerse yourself … all your senses … allowing your thoughts to drift and your attention to return to that very moment and all that you see, hear, feel, and smell while standing at your sink.

This is meditation.  This is mindfulness.  And a daily practice of this is peace.  Enjoy!

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