A Message

Since the beginning, the echoes of men rang out against the earth.  Toil and pain brought harvest.  The true nature is to see the abundant harvest already there before planting.  How easy it would be to reap!

Since the dawn of time, man has struggled this way, against himself, against his own true nature, causing chaos and wreaking havoc on earth.

How do we stop this?  Remember.  It was always there.  It always will be.  There is nothing lost that can’t be found, because there is no such thing as ‘lost.’

You are beautiful, brilliant in this beautiful, brilliant world.  Let the inside match with the outside.  Refine it by the sheer nature of accepting your divinity.  Then, the inner will become outer.  Peace will reign over chaos, kindness over hatred.

Mad are the thoughts of men who cannot see the connection between the inner world and the outer world.  What if I told you that the outer world has an outer world, and that outer world has a neverending ring of outer worlds?  Knowing the ramifications of your thoughts and actions, you might begin to take the refining process more seriously.

Divinity is your birthright because all things are born from the one.  All things are the one.  Call it divine.  Call it energy, life, love, God.  These are mere words incapable of explaining the glory which you cannot understand, but which you truly know.  Remember.

There is not a fire without a flame or a body of water that does not contain a drop, thus there is NO thing without you.

All things are Divine.  You are of Divine.  You ARE all things.  Be them.

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