The Intimacy of Communication

“…each morning, the second they see each other, they open easily, telling stories and dreams and secrets, empty of any fear of suspicious holding back.  To watch and listen to those two is to understand how, as it’s written, sometimes when two being come together Christ becomes visible … there’s no blocking the speechflow-river-running-all-carrying momentum that true intimacy is.”  Rumi

True, open, and fearless communication is a beautiful thing.  How many people can you tell everything to?  What if I were to tell you that, with the right partner, you can have this in your relationship?  It may take some work … breaking through fears of rejection & abandonment, trusting, learning respectful communication and listening skills, and developing as much unconditional love and acceptance as you can for your partner. 

Ok … it takes a LOT of work … however, the rewards outweigh everything.  Even making an attempt can take your relationship to depths most people have never experienced before.  This is the truest form of intimacy … not bearing your body, but bearing your heart, mind, and soul to your loved one.  (but please, you can be naked & go for all 4 if you wish!)

Some of my most intimate, scary, and heart-felt conversations were while in bed … cuddled up in the arms of my lover, half-asleep. 

The unfortunate part is – most of us have been taught through reason or circumstance not to trust.  Not only that, but we haven’t been taught effective forms of communication.  Our society holds very little modeling of sustainable relationships … most of us have no idea what that would even look like!  But, some of us are getting closer. 

Life is an experimental experience.  We learn by doing.  So, why not give it a try?  Right now!  🙂

Many blessings & much peace, dear ones.

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