Fear vs Love

Which of these do you base most of your choices on?  Fear or love?

For many of us, the answer is clear – fear.  We reflect on our past experiences, or listen to what society and loved ones tell us and consider them to be “truths.”  We base our choices on these knowns and unknowns, on the stories we tell ourselves – especially the ones we “know.” It’s hard to be afraid of something you’ve already experienced, but that unknown – wow!

But what if?

What if the unknown blew away all your expectations?  What if the unknown was so utterly flipping fantastic, but you were just too afraid to explore it?

What if you just noticed your fears, sat with them for a couple days, then made your decision coming from a place of love?  Love raises your level of consciousness, allowing you to see yourself more fully through the choices you make.  Love allows you to openly experience life, instead of living through restrictions.  Love increases the depth and quality of all your experiences.  Love allows you to connect like none other … Be IN love.

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