Patience & Diligence, Meet Michelle Edwards

I am in a constant state of self-improvement … I’m even improving the way I radically love and accept myself in any given moment, knowing that I am perfect as I am …

This quest for freedom, depth, and self-fulfillment have brought me to many different places in my life, my self and I feel I have learned a lot … so far … (I know there is much more to know.)

The point is … I feel more “ready” than I ever have … for ultimate success in all aspects of my life.  I’ve learned quite a few lessons about myself, men and relationships, and I’m finally able to see how the universe is trying to give me what I want in respect to that and my career (which I’ve also been learning quite a bit about).   I’ve simply had to clear the room (aka: get out of my own way … stop self-defeating).

Now, I’m at the cusp of something.  I’ve been told several times that I’m getting ready to receive all those things I’ve been praying about.  Which really validates this feeling I have inside … this undeniable sense that “the check is in the mail.” 

I recently decided that I’m looking at my birthday as a potential re-opening to the idea of a relationship (I’ve taken a brief hiatus).  I’m not sure why – the idea just popped out of nowhere, but I’ve learned that those are usually the best ideas to listen to … so I am.  My intuitive friends are telling me someone is about to turn my world upside-down.   The playful side of me says – “Great!  I love being upside-down!”  😉   (yes, you can take that any way you like)  In reality, when I think … or better yet – when I feel … what it would be like to have someone, who is my equal match, turn my world upside-down … Well, it’s just … better than anything I’ve ever dreamt, much less anything I’ve ever had.

Maybe it’s the hopeful romantic in me … but I believe …

Ever since I’ve made this decision about my birthday, I’ve kept opening more and more to the idea … causing me at times to get a little impatient.  Those that know me would gasp … then roll their eyes and sarcastically say – “No! You??” 

I’m actually quite a bit more patient about the guy (having learned those oh so challenging relationship lessons – I’d rather go slow and be sure it actually is what I tell myself it is), but am more than eager to start “earning my keep” in this world. 

So many things brewing in my life, and I just can’t wait to be able to reap!  However, when you’re manifesting ALL GOOD THINGS in your life, it may take a little time for the universe to prepare and deliver your order … That’s where patience comes in.  “Hello Patience … I see we meet again … I hope this time I’m less rude with you … I see you brought your friend, Diligence … We’ve never met, but I’m hoping to get to know you much more.”

Diligence is what will get me through … ultimate focus on RIGHT NOW … keeping myself moving toward my goals … staying clear, ready, in alignment with my highest self … continuing to step through fear and self-imposed limitations … meditating, journaling, praying, visioning … and BEING what I want …

I’m not sure I’ve ever been diligent … I’ve had focus, drive, passion … but diligence? No … “Welcome, friend.  You make that bore Patience much more tolerable.”

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