Time to Get Real

Even at age 39, I still find that I regularly feel wrapped inside myself.  I know inside me is a goddess that wants to be unleashed, ever-present in this life … And she definitely makes herself known.  I feel a shift every time … stepping outside my Self and into the Being of her … the fullness, wisdom, confidence, and sensuality that flows through me is beautiful, like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  The only experience that’s even come close has been the fullness of being in love, but even that usually comes with hidden fears or agendas.  The goddess knows no fear or agenda … it is a purity of existence.

I guess this wrapping/unwrapping of myself is an ongoing learning process.  And, it’s getting easier to identify when I’m wrapping … and easier to unwrap …

I’m certainly no longer afraid of dying, but have learned that I’m sometimes afraid of living.  (it’s easy to get used to the death/rebirth cycles in life)

I keep planting seeds, but have discovered I let them go and just keep casting more seeds instead of lovingly tending the ones I’ve already sewn.

It takes a lot of courage to own your shit and allow yourself to live beyond the self-created box which society loves to reinforce, but little by little – I’m tearing that sucker down.

Here’s to life, ya’ll!  May we truly exist in our authentic being-ness …



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