What? You wanna talk about sex?

In our culture, we grow up with so many mores and standards of ethics based on religious dogma, we either repress our natural sexual expression or we rebel and exploit it. As a result, we have grown into a society perpetually recovering from sex crimes, where porn is so prevalent that it has influenced our views of what sex should be … men cum too soon, some women never … Few want to know about men that sleep with men (don’t ask/don’t tell), but are totally cool with girl on girl action as long as they’re both hot.

We are at the extreme of imbalance. People are frustrated, unfulfilled, and uncomfortable in their own skin.  Women can’t talk about sex or they’re labeled as sluts, and when men discuss it, they usually aren’t taken seriously because “they’re just guys” (insert eyeroll here).

In truth, every single one of us is a product of sex (as far as I know, no test tube babies have been hatched).  Not a single one of us is above it.  Some choose celibacy, some polyamory, some monogamy … and as long as it works for them – What’s the problem?  Problem is, too many hold judgement when it comes to sex.

Slutty, kinky, vanilla … all labels based on misinformed beliefs.  Even monogamy in some circles has become a bad word.  God forbid we talk openly about masturbation …

Yesterday, I read an incredibly well-written article on female ejaculation.  It was so comprehensive, I wanted to share it.  But wait … what if my facebook friends disapproved … I decided to use the ultimate spiritual way to let go …*fuck it* …. and I went ahead and posted it.  Thing is, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  Every single person on this earth has either had sex or thought about it.  I no longer hold myself accountable to other people’s perceptions.  I am here for the liberation and evolution of my being … and ideally, to help others do the same.  If it challenges their way of thinking – GOOD!

We need to take the shame out of sex – RIGHT NOW.  That one emotion is why so many abused never speak about it and hold onto the victimization, never fully recovering, and resulting in surrendering a little part of their being to their perpetrator permanently.

We need to openly accept, admit, and love our individual sexual selves.  As long as it is not a harm to ourselves or anyone else – Who really cares?

We are all just beings on this wonderful earth, trying to get through our days as best we can … finding love and happiness along the way.  Self-love and acceptance are crucial, and turning points in world peace.  It is so much easier to love, accept and understand each other when we can love, understand and accept our selves.

As far as the article I mentioned, it was written by a Tantric practitioner who only recently discovered this “gift” herself (visit www.freddyandeddy.com for more info).  It’s something every woman is physically able to do … it takes a lot of intimacy, communication, and comfort (but once you get the hang of it, you won’t wanna stop) … and can actually deepen the bond between partners.  So … why not?  Forget the labels … find your own happiness … and allow others to do the same.

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