Love and a Lawnmower

I am an incredibly smart, strong, and capable women … (bear with me, this is not an ego trip)

So why in the hell do I have such a hard time starting a push mower?

This was my self-dialogue yesterday afternoon.  Engine primed, lever pulled, and try as hard as I might, the sucker just wouldn’t start.  This wasn’t the first time … my temper began to flare … I wondered what on earth was wrong with the mower … Worse yet, I started questioning what was wrong with me that I couldn’t get the mower to start …

During this dialogue with my Self yesterday, my Being sat and watched, paying close attention … till finally it tapped me on the shoulder … Oh – wait! There is no cause to question my ability, or to curse the mower … My power lies elsewhere.

So, once more I bent to prime the engine … pushing the button 3 times, each time telling the mower “I love you.”  It started right up.

Believe it or not, this is my experience.

Love IS radiant energy.  It activates, heals, blesses, sometimes breaks apart … but only to rebuild.  I have been a student of love for several years.  Now, I am experimenting with the magic of it.  Holding myself within the center of it, I am able to maintain balance and hold space for others in a time of need.

From the feedback I have received, the quality of energy and healing they receive during this “holding space” is none like any other.  One person even described it as “like a volcano of love … even better than Reiki.”  As a Reiki master/teacher, I know the power of Reiki … and this is like Reiki on steroids … because I fall into my Being, the purest essence, the oneness of soul.

So, now I’m using this Love Magic on inanimate objects … and finding it works for them too 🙂

Go figure!  The universe never ceases to amaze me …

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