The Demon Fear

There is this mistaken notion that we need to erase all our fears. Even I have gotten caught up in this mindset; praying, journaling, affirming – all to “release” my self from fear.
Truth be told, fears can only be released once they are faced … and sometimes faced time and again, depending on how deeply rooted they are.
Best advice? Walk up to your fear, embrace it, kiss it on the mouth … find out where it came from and look to see where it is going. Own it as just a part of the clothes you happen to be wearing at the moment, and understand that it is simply here for you walk through in order to surprise yourself with your own strength and ability. It’s your personal mountain, valley, and desert to traverse. Knowing that once you cross it, you regain another little piece of your self and reuniting just a bit more with your being.
What would feel better? Never having fear again, or having the strength to meet it face to face and the will to overcome?
Perhaps, the desire to never have fear again is itself fear-based … Because, in truth, we are afraid of facing it … What if we are not strong enough or brave enough to overcome? What if we get battle scars?
I guess this is what makes those that choose this path Warriors of the Heart.
Blessed be …

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