The Daily BIG

Today, I challenged my Facebook friends to do one thing BIG today.  “Anything,” I said, “as long as it is big enough to take you out of your Self.”

Knowing, that I can’t offer a challenge like that without also stepping up to the plate, I have decided to come out in a BIG way and say I am working on a book.  (well, two, actually … )  Looking back at my life as I near my 40th birthday, I asked myself “What lessons have been most important for me?”  Those seven topics have now become chapters, which in turn are becoming lectures.

I don’t plan on just telling people what to do to live a happy life.  Inestead, I’m offering the lessons and tools I learned along the way as a support for their process of being human.

Learning to distinguish the Self (ego) from the Being (soul) and living a grateful, happy life in Love is what I have learned … and what I hope to share.

The other book? Poetry 😉

Now, go do something BIG!  Today and every day …

Blessed be …

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