The Spirituality of Sickness

Everything is a spiritual experience, when you’re able to see it that way.

I have a pretty good immune system and I absolutely hate medicine, so you’ll understand how significant it is that I went to the doctor today and got a prescription.  Yes, after 5 days, I decided I was indeed miserable enough to give the medical establishment one more chance.  It has been 10 years since my last prescription …

So, what is the point?  I realized, while lying in a pool of my own sweat while my dear partner labored to comfort me, that being sick can be seen from a spiritual perspective.  It takes you back to a starting point, like someone hit “pause” on your life, then “reset”.  I also realized that no matter how strong my ideas are about health care, the pharmaceutical industry, and dare I say – the insurance companies, that sometimes those structures actually do help people.  If I am to truly be open to experience, then I need to be open to all experience … submitting to the vulnerability of my body, allowing myself to just be sick without having to fight (I still have yet to learn that one) and taking the time needed to fully recuperate without guilt-tripping myself for all the things I could/should be doing.

So, I take this antibiotic with the hope that it blesses my body and releases me from the feverish cough.  I will trust it to treat me well and do no harm.  I trust myself enough to know that from now on, I only choose what’s best for me …. if that’s Amoxicillin, so be it.

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