Thoughts on Freedom (7/4/2011)

freedom to me means the ability to openly laugh at any given thing, to speak without reservation, to act without hesitation, and to experience whatever it is i feel without fear, shame or remorse.

i’m speaking of personal freedom, which is bought with our own blood, sweat and tears.

the courage it takes to examine your self thoroughly is equal to doing hand to hand combat on the battlefield, but instead of killing your opponent – you’re forced to give him a hug, invite him over for dinner, and love him unconditionally for the rest of your life.

this freedom is not based on any external values like money, property, or even religious ideals. it cannot be bought, sold, restrained or imprisoned.

even in the darkest times and most extreme circumstances, one can have this freedom … it’s a matter of choice … made by the consciousness of the heart that grows and resonates throughout your entire being until your brain relinquishes all control to this higher power within. all fear, shame, animosity … “drama” … gets acknowledged, categorized for what it truly is, and released from the prison which tried to contain you.

anyone can do this – anytime, anywhere. they just have to choose to drop all limiting beliefs they’ve ever known, and let their heart rage forward in love.

it’s a battle worthy of any hero … and a victory like none other.

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