Connecting with the Crone

When did we stop recognizing older women as goddesses? I’m just as guilty as the next person, although there have been a few I have revered, most I have ignored. Not today!

I had a new client, an older lady who I’d estimate to be at least 65. She hobbled down the hall, white hair and wire frame glasses standing out on her petite frame. When I walked in the room and saw her laying face down on the massage table, I could see a pool of extra skin surrounding her. Her kyphosis was prominent.

As my hands started working along the muscles of her back, I noticed she also had scoliosis. My thoughts turned to my teenage daughter, who also has scoliosis. Then I realized, this could very well be my daughter in 50-60 years. This older woman represented the evolution of a woman throughout a lifetime. She was a child, a teen, a lover, a mother, a leader, and now she’s what some call a Crone.

Blatantly disregarded because of her age, instead of honored for it. She has been through all aspects of life. Her ability to overcome has given her courage and strength; her suffering, grace and dignity; the lessons she has learned, wisdom. She has earned every wrinkle through her blood, sweat, laughter, and tears. But instead of finding a society that recognizes this, instead she has aged in a society that doesn’t support her. Dishonored, and surrounded by an array of women who recognize and fear this dishonor so much, they do everything they can to not age (or at least postpone it as much as possible).

I admit to sometimes becoming too attached to the slow loss of collagen in my own skin. I use eye cream from time to time. However, I hope and pray that as my life carries me on, I own my age with the grace and dignity of this, and other women. Crones are not to be hidden, they are the matriarchs, the elder goddesses.

And that’s exactly what I kept repeating to myself while massaging her – God bless this goddess.

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