The Struggle is REAL!

Struggle IS real – when we are in resistance to what is happening in life. We grasp and hold on, and sometimes that works for us. Struggle and resistance can be great tools, teaching us about what we really desire and pointing us toward what is preventing us from achieving it.

When you notice the resistance arising, do your best to sit back from it. Detach. Observe. Ask why you are in resistance, what outcome you would prefer, and what the struggle has to teach you. No question goes unanswered, though sometimes we believe it does because we don’t necessarily like what we hear. I have been majorly guilty of this in the past. Asking for guidance time and again, even though it was already given. I was in complete resistance.

What most don’t realize is, if resistance goes unchecked, it can turn into resentment, and possibly revenge. “Well, if that’s how you’re going to be, then I just won’t talk to you.” Sound familiar? Yes, revenge is often more subtle and subversive than we realize at the time.

So, back to the fix! Notice, ask yourself the questions, and breathe. Practice surrender. What would complete surrender to the process look and feel like to you? For me, it’s a constant process of taking deep breaths, letting go of expectations, and creating a blank slate whenever I notice myself struggling with resistance.

The beautiful thing is, once you’ve dropped into surrender, you will notice life has a way of working things out perfectly and in your highest good. Much better than we could imagine for ourselves!



2 thoughts on “The Struggle is REAL!”

  1. Great, Michelle. I am learning about essential oils and how to incorporate those into total wellness therapy. So many natural things we can do to be good to ourselves.

    1. Hey Carol! Yes, there are an unlimited number of options to help us be well. I’m glad you found something that resonates. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. <3

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