Relief is in the Eye of the Beholder

(me in the temple of Abydos in Egypt feeling very tiny and very large at the same time0

Yesterday, I felt a gushing wave of immense relief. Something that I had been holding on to, praying about, and diligently caring for had finally come to a head. This shouldn’t have surprised me, because the oracle cards I pulled just the day before told me those exact things would happen – “overwhelming emotion” “coming to a head” and “positive outcome” were all there. I even wrote them down!

And now, the support I was longing for has seemingly arrived. I can carry this less. I can trust that these supportive structures will either be exactly what is needed, or will guide me toward that which helps even more. I’ve learned it’s ok to trust like this.

The Eye of the Beholder comes in reference to how I knew these were the “right” things for now. I look at things differently nowadays. I know that if I’m looking for confirmation or a sign – it’s always there, and I’ve fine tuned my vision to see it. The other day, I was watching an interaction that I was hoping would give my challenging situation some support. As I watched, I noticed my vision shifted. Everything around this interaction became soft, almost blurry. While the interaction was hyper focused. I had only had this happen to me a couple times before. I had the sense of knowing that this was exactly “right” for my situation.

Yesterday, I was looking at other options for support (in addition to the one I found). As I was scrolling through lists and researching individual items, my printer made a random start-up noise. Twice. When I was referencing the same individual item. I have come to a point of acceptance about how stuff like that works in my life. So, I made a point to follow through on the reference. When I did, I realized that – yes, this – kind of sense strongly rooted in me.

These little seemingly “woo woo” or random things would have been dismissed in my past. I would either not have noticed, or would have let my analytical mind discount them as nothing.

When we allow ourselves to be open-minded about the flow of life, how we receive intuitive nudges or answers to the questions we hold in our hearts – magic happens. Life becomes a fairy tale of weird animal encounters (Why did that hummingbird hover in front of my face? Let me look up hummingbird messenger!) and specifically odd song lyrics popping up at just the right time.

In The Alchemist, the protagonist learns about the “soul of the world” – the divine interconnectedness in all of life. At one point, he begins to experience what that means. I guess maybe I really am an Alchemist after all.

One final note: if you haven’t already read The Alchemist – I highly recommend it! If you have – maybe it’s time to give it another read.

xoxo – michelle

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