Green Lights

How to Discern When You Have a “Green Light”

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Ask a question, and you’ll always get an answer. Whether the question is a prayer or a quiet thought rattling around in your head. But sometimes it’s hard to decipher the answer. The desire for the answer to be THAT ONE THING can shout louder than the soft nudge your life is suggesting. Here are some ways to help you get clear so you can determine when you have a “green light”.

  • Set aside that need for your answer to look, feel, or otherwise express itself a certain way.
  • Take time to be still, quiet, and contemplative. Find ways to relax your mind. Color, take a walk, etc. – holding the question in your heart, but letting it rest in your head. In other words, stop asking! Stop ruminating. Stop wondering! And stop looking everywhere for the answer – just be open to receiving it.
  • Clear your mind of that thing you might be desperately trying to hold on to, and instead bring your focus to the values of your heart and the types of experiences you long for (not limited to THAT ONE THING). Take a deep breath and try to relax your focus away from exact people, places, and things.
  • Notice the little things. Synchronicities (aka: coincidences) are worth paying attention to. Often, the point in the direction (or somewhere nearby) where you need to go.
  • Notice your body. You can feel the green light whooshing up from your abdomen to your heart. You feel “lit up”. (This is different from the rush of hormones you may have experienced in the past!) Find ways to connect with your body. Making physical contact with your abdomen and your heart while taking a few deep breaths will help. How does your body feel? What does it have to say? Pay attention to the subtle yes’s and no’s your body shares with you on the daily, and you’ll be more attuned to the green lights.
  • Journal about your question. Write down all your thoughts and feelings around it. Let your words flow without censure.
  • Know that you already know. Yes, it’s true! Even when you think you don’t know, the answer really does rest in you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of doing all the above so that the “small voice within” has a chance to be heard.

Whatever you desire, whatever you need – I hope you get it! Not the things that you think you want or need, but those things your soul LONGS for, because those are the juicy bits of life.

If you want some support finding your answers, I happen to be good at asking questions! Reach out and let’s chat.

All the best to you and your GREEN LIGHTS!


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