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(Our) Homework

“Gently intense” – a quality I’m learning about myself thanks to friends and clients. I recently reached out to some folks for a homework assignment I was completing as part of a business class I’m taking, and asked them what they believe are my 3 strongest qualities. Two folks shared that they thought I was “challenging without threatening” and that I stated “the truth with frankness and humor”. Gently intense.

Top qualities according to the 10 responses:







and gently intense

It helps to have folks share what they see in you. It broadens our self-perspective and can really lighten the innerscape.

One of the most challenging and emotional situations I’ve ever experienced was being surrounded in a room full of people who loved me and listening silently as they told me the greatness they saw in me.

How well are you able to see yourself? One of the ways to see your greatness is to look at the people whom you admire. Likely, you share some qualities with them. Dig deep. Write down the good qualities in you as you think of them. I promise it will LIGHT YOU UP!

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