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I love my family, both blood and chosen.

Community is so important to our well-being. Feeling connected and belonging are a big part of being humans and can give us a sense of purpose.

If you feel isolated from community, it can contribute to depression. It feeds those negative stories in your head that tell you “you’re unworthy of love” because if you were worthy, you’d have people – right? A self-perpetuating shame cycle … The mind is a tricky little sh*t.

Without community, you might flounder for meaning wondering “What is the point? Why am I even here?” because deep inside, you have a longing to contribute to something and it’s hard to find ways to contribute when you feel out of touch with an outlet.

Our community, on a larger scale, becomes our society. I imagine most of y’all looking at society today feel pretty discouraged, angry, and maybe even depressed. The dysfunctions in society can be healed but first we need to start in our immediate circles, then extend those circles into broader territory by accepting more people in. This is the challenging part…

Talking with a friend yesterday, I shared that I was part of a bigger group who idealized intentional communities. I love the idea of intentional communities, but I started to wonder and then I started to ask: If you create an intentional community, who is allowed to participate? Who isn’t?

If you imagine your ideal community. Are there:

people of color

various socio-economic backgrounds

different religions and political beliefs

different abilities/physical needs

and mental diversities?

Do you invite the “others”? (This thought exercise is where we stretch the brain and take a look at our biases.)

Healing our society centers on healing our communities which centers on healing YOU. Those past pains that keep your heart tucked away in fear of getting hurt, those boundaries (or lack thereof) that could use some reinforcement, those communication skills to help you say what you need to say kindly and effectively, those skills to help you consciously build and maintain relationships, and understanding and connecting with the greatness that YOU ARE.

Underneath all our conditioning, we all have greatness to shine and share. We all have a contribution.

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