About Us

You are safe. You belong. You matter.
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Our Story

At Being Human, we believe We Are All in This Together. This life, though seemingly arbitrary at times, is full of purpose and potential – as are we all. And, it’s meant to be savored!

The problem is, very few of us were taught how to make the most of it. In fact, we receive messages every day that reinforce beliefs that somehow we aren’t enough, and that meaning and purpose come through work, marriage, and children. But what happens when we find ourselves going through a drastic change? Loss and transition are a real part of life. 

The truth is, meaning and purpose are internal qualities that we all hold. It’s a matter of being able to tune in, activate, and let go of those external stories that get in the way.

All challenges are opportunities. Even the most difficult times can offer us “golden nuggets” of wisdom and growth. 

We offer support to those looking to find those golden nuggets. Through our virtual coaching platform and online classes, we help you tap into your own wisdom, value, and purpose – turning the transitions in your life into powerful transformations. We give structure to the mess, and apply love liberally to soften those rough edges. Through it all, we’ve got your back.

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Our Founder

Michelle Edwards is an intuitive energy healer, spiritual mentor, and transformational LOVE coach. Her work focuses on healing and refining our inner world in order to create the outer world we wish to see. Dedicated to helping people break down the obstacles keeping them from a deeper love and greater life fulfillment, Michelle takes pleasure in working with the nuances of interpersonal relationships, the relationship with the Self, and discovering our place in the world.

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