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I love my family, both blood and chosen. Community is so important to our well-being. Feeling connected and belonging are a big part of being humans and can give us a sense of purpose. If you feel isolated from community, it can contribute to depression. It feeds those negative stories in your head that tell …

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Spring Clean Your Relationships

It’s easy to create or fall into habits that are unsupportive and unfulfilling. It’s normal to have that thing that you thought you let go of but every once in a while, it comes back to bite you – letting you know there’s still some lingering resentment. All those things that you never said, never did, or didn’t address are still there waiting for you. And goodness – they do accumulate over time! Here’s how to kindly and effectively clear the emotional living space of your relationships.

Woman sitting on floor facing the sunrise with her arms held out in a receptive and meditative pose

Everyday Spirituality

Spirituality is one’s relationship with whatever they experience as divine. For some, that’s called creator, nature,“the universe”, community, and love. For others, it has a more specific name like God or creator. Neither is a wrong answer, because it’s our personal relationship. Connection is something we all long for — whether it be belonging with …

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This Moment

Lately, I’ve been having a conversation with myself involving this moment.  For some reason, it has occurred to me (or finally sunk in) that this moment is the start.  The start of what?  EVERYTHING. More specifically, I’m to the point where I feel that whatever has happened prior to this moment no longer has a …

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