This Moment

Lately, I’ve been having a conversation with myself involving this moment.  For some reason, it has occurred to me (or finally sunk in) that this moment is the start.  The start of what?  EVERYTHING. More specifically, I’m to the point where I feel that whatever has happened prior to this moment no longer has a …

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becoming beautiful

Earlier this morning, I watched this video on Upworthy about a woman who grew to love herself. http://www.upworthy.com/a-man-said-she-was-too-old-to-be-seen-with-him-in-public-well-shes-going-real-public-now?c=hpstream This got me reflecting on my own history with the way I view my body.  I feel it’s important to know where we come from.  Too often, we do our best to evolve without looking back.  But …

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The Daily BIG

Today, I challenged my Facebook friends to do one thing BIG today.  “Anything,” I said, “as long as it is big enough to take you out of your Self.” Knowing, that I can’t offer a challenge like that without also stepping up to the plate, I have decided to come out in a BIG way …

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