Relationship Rehab


Break through the habits and patterns that undermine your relationship. Strip away the communication barriers causing breakdowns, and tear down the walls built on past hurts. Take your relationship back to the foundation of love that brought you together. Intentionally reconstruct it in a way that is beautiful, functional, and fulfilling to you both.

This 16 week coaching program is for couples who are looking at the potential end of their relationship, but aren’t ready to give up yet.

Each week progressively adds to your relationship tool kit. Together you will break through old habits and patterns in your relating, work through conflicts in the safety of mediation, and rebuild those aspects of your relationship that you want to shift.

Open the lines of communication, find opportunities for connection even through some of your deepest challenges, and create new agreements based on the values you both hold dear.

Couples will have a thorough relationship assessment, bi-weekly Zoom sessions, homework, weekly individual check-ins, and direct access to the coach whenever needed. Included are 2 bonus 30 minute coaching sessions and a customized relationship vision.




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