You are the the king/queen sovereign being in charge of your life. Unlock your divine potential and take your seat on the throne.

Look, we all have that dark spot that we can’t see.

Maybe your career is great but you’re lonely AF, or you have tons of friends but somehow you feel mired in drama and misunderstood. Maybe you’re just tired of feeling like crap about yourself, the work you do, or life in general!

That nagging feeling of unhappiness, the idea of “There’s got to be more!” are signs that something inside of you craves a change.

You just want a break – or things to finally go your way. You want to be happy and satisfied.

You CAN have that sense of fulfillment. With a little effort, attention, intention, and loving support – you can turn your life around!

How would it feel to be a beacon of light to yourself and others? To be your own best friend? To experience yourself as magnificent, and unf*ckwithable? 

In this 7 month group coaching program, we will tap into the 7 key areas of your life that have the greatest impact on your wellbeing and sense of self. Discover new ways to communicate and nurture your relationships, strengthen your intuition, and learn to fall in love with yourself to create the life you desire.

It’s time for you to take the throne in your life as the king/queen and divinely sovereign being that you ARE. Because you SO deserve it.

Starting January 2, 2022 and running through July 23, 2022.

$3500 paid-in-full or $555 per month. Early bird pricing is available until December 14, 2021.

Monthly payments can be made at:

Participants will receive:
  • weekly journaling prompts
  • weekly action steps
  • weekly community zoom call with the Alchemy Love Coach
  • monthly theme and intention
  • monthly meditation

There will also be a special guest zoom call at the end of each month for a Q&A with participants to anchor the key theme. Each month will have a centering thought, theme, and intention based on that month’s sovereign key.

Bonus content:
  • two 30 minute 1:1 zoom coaching calls
  • free online community membership
  • discounts on classes, products, and other coaching services.

There is a graduation event for all participants upon completion of the program!

Monthly key themes are:

Heart: The “Heart of a Lion” – giving and receiving love without condition, the difference between being nice vs being kind, facing the fears that block the flow of love, and flowering into forgiveness

Relationships: The 4 C’s of Relationships – what it means to have connection, commitment, build a culture of appreciation, and choose each other

Communication: Crystal Clear Communication –  discover the #1 communication tool, practicing “I feel/I need” and THINK, and using the power of your voice with directed intention

Self: Your Sacred Self– boundaries and respect, confidence and esteem, kindness and care, and building that tender relationship with you

Intuition: Intuitive Flex – tap in and turn on your natural intuition, the difference between knowledge and wisdom, the levels of consciousness, and keeping your channel clear

Connection: The Spiritual Path – defining your personal belief system, daily practices of connection and other spiritual tools, and the idea of collective oneness

Community: Your Sovereign Being – stepping forward into your leadership, Win-Win, making a difference, and creating intentional connections

7/23/2022 Graduation day!!



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