Undying Flame Coaching Program for Couples


This coaching program is for couples who want to grow deeper in love with each other, and strengthen their relationship skills to keep that love alive.

Each package includes 4 coaching sessions per month for 2 months, a weekday email check-in process for each partner to fill out individually, unlimited email access, and bonus content to help you continue to grow together.

Financial assistance available to those who qualify. Please email yourhumanbeing@gmail.com to be considered.


Results of this program:

  • clearing your communication, including building active listening skills and creating understanding
  • deepening your connection through physical and emotional intimacy
  • deprogramming your past and healing leftover pain
  • stoking your passion, and keeping it burning
  • creating a shared vision, goals, and rituals that work for your relationship
  • reinforcing that which you have already created together
  • taking your togetherness to the next level
  • learning new relational skills to keep you close even when times are challenging


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