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During this 13 week group coaching journey, you will tap into your personal power, connect with your spirit, and deepen your sense of awe and wonder.

You will discover new ways to communicate and nurture your relationships.

Old patterns and stories will be disrupted so that you can fully move forward into the life you've always wanted.


This is right for you if:

You've had "something isn't right" beating like a drum in your heart and you JUST KNOW something has to change.

There are some uncomfortable patterns starting to show up in your life.

You’re tired of your own mental BS and you’re ready to make some changes.

You need a break and for things to finally go your way.

You want to be happy and satisfied.


You CAN have that sense of fulfillment. With a little effort, attention, intention, and loving support - you can turn your life around!

The love, connection, depth, passion, purpose, and hope that you CRAVE is yours.


The 7 Keys to Being Human explores the 7 key areas of life that we experience every day.

*Spirituality *Intuition  *Communication  *Empathy  *Self  *Relationships  *Community


The moment you decide to make a change in your life is the moment you begin taking your power back.

Make decisions based on what you want and not what’s expected of you.

Feel empowered, unf*ckwithable, and in charge of your life.

Communicate your needs, desires, and boundaries clearly and effectively

Experience a sense of inner peace.

Live with intention and authenticity.

Be a light to yourself and others.

Become your own best friend.

Share your magnificence in the world.

All participants will receive 2 BONUS individual coaching sessions and 7 group coaching sessions.

$899 paid in full or two monthly payments of $475

What people are saying about the 7 Keys:

"I really enjoyed how it was organized. It was the perfect amount of information for me to read through and journal about. I was worried it would add to my list of “to do’s” which I tend to just feel overwhelmed about, but the way it was organized it felt totally manageable. When I got behind it wasn’t difficult to catch up. I also felt unsure about the group part, but I really enjoyed it and found it helpful to hear other perspectives."

"Being vulnerable in the context of the group meetings felt comfortable. Michelle really set the tone for deep honesty and compassionate listening." 



The next journey begins in January 2023.

Just for You Coaching

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Helping you develop and strengthen your relationship with yourself so that you can get into alignment with the life you wish to experience!

Together, we will focus on the awareness and elimination of blocks that prevent you from experiencing life as a sovereign and empowered being, cultivating your confidence and self-esteem, and improving your overall relationship with YOU!

Each package includes weekly virtual coaching sessions, a weekly life check-in, unlimited email access to your coach, and bonus content to help you feel uplifted and supported while you: gain self-esteem; earn self-respect; create self-care; and discover a deeply fulfilling sense of self-love.

The process is custom-crafted according to your personal needs and life experiences.

Just for You coaching is a 5 month commitment.




BreakUp Recovery!

This virtual class will help you clean up those messy, lingering feelings when it comes to those relationships that didn't work out. It's time to move forward, with clarity and understanding! Leave those old patterns behind and allow space for the good stuff to come through the next time you venture into a relationship.

Step by step, this class helps you:

  • process the pain
  • support your emotional recovery
  • gain a deeper understanding of why and how this relationship ended
  • find a sense of closure and peace
  • breakthrough your cycle of attraction so you can choose your TRUE match next time

This class is self-paced. Video links are sent once payment is received.

**Financial assistance available to those who qualify. 

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