Be the Hero of Your Own Story

We all do the best we can

We are constantly bombarded by messages reinforcing the hidden beliefs that somehow we aren't enough, and that fulfillment comes through having the right job, relationship, and following the status quo.

What happens when we find ourselves going through a drastic change, are overwhelmed by life, or simply feel like "there must be more to life than this"?

Meaning and purpose are innate qualities within us all. They are not earned through what we do, but by uncovering who we are without the conditioning.

Sometimes, loving guidance and support are necessary to tune in, activate, and release these stories that get in the way. In a world that tells you to suck it up and go it alone - remember you don't have to. We can help.

You are safe. You belong. You matter.

Precious Being, I know you don't always believe this or feel it in your everyday life, but I want you to know that you are loved and held in your humanity. No one is expected to be perfect or know it all. Together, we will make it through each day - learning, growing, and creating a ripple effect throughout our lives and community.

"We're all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass


Michelle is such a compassionate and understanding person. She helped me during an incredibly rough breakup last year to gain perspective and insight, feel heard and seen in my pain, and restore my hope.

Timmy M


I feel like I am going to be able to navigate and create my path more easily with this guidance, these outlines, and great questions that help you think and process things. I am in a major life transition right now, and thought I could use a little help managing it all. I am really looking forward to the progress I see as I continue with this

Caitlin B


Thanks for the handholding and pivotal, watershed insights as I was processing the really deep, hard stuff. I wouldn't be navigating as healthily and clearly as I am were it not for you and the work we did. You're a lifesaver.

Eileen W


Much like a swim instructor, Michelle held me in the deep end until i started to paddle on my own. Though she never bullshitted me, her endless support and faith in me is where she really shined. Even on days i felt beleaguered, her gentle encouragement got me through

Tom M


I recently had the opportunity of working with Michelle and what a good move on my part. As a high performing serial entrepreneur, now exploring what it's like to be a single dad after 8 years... I've spent the last year navigating loss, heart ache, relational struggles and business performance issues. Michelle, now a good friend, was able to help me see the gaps with what I was missing, feel empowered and hopeful about what's to come, and facilitate embracing this new journey I'm on. I highly recommend reaching out to her! 

Seth C

North Carolina

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