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Michelle is such a compassionate and understanding person. She helped me during an incredibly rough breakup last year to gain perspective and insight, feel heard and seen in my pain, and restore my hope.

Timmy M

From St. Louis, MO

I feel like I am going to be able to navigate and create my path more easily with this guidance, these outlines, and great questions that help you think and process things. I am in a major life transition right now, and thought I could use a little help managing it all. I am really looking forward to the progress I see as I continue with this

Caitlin B

From St. Louis, MO

Thanks for the handholding and pivotal, watershed insights as I was processing the really deep, hard stuff. I wouldn't be navigating as healthily and clearly as I am were it not for you and the work we did. You're a lifesaver.

Eileen W

From St. Louis, MO

Much like a swim instructor, Michelle held me in the deep end until i started to paddle on my own. Though she never bullshitted me, her endless support and faith in me is where she really shined. Even on days i felt beleaguered, her gentle encouragement got me through

Tom M

From St. Louis, MO

We all do the best we can in life

Unfortunately, not many of us were shown how to communicate effectively, cultivate strong relationships, and utilize the crappiest experiences as fuel for our growth. You don’t have to spend years learning the hard way. We have compiled over a decade of experiential research and growth and discovered there are 7 key areas that affect our quality of life. You can strengthen your communication, relationships, the relationship with yourself, and your intuitive sense. You can develop a stronger connection with life and your community. And, all of this can be done with an open heart.

Notes for Human Wellbeing

Relief is in the Eye of the Beholder

When we allow ourselves to be open-minded about the flow of life, how we receive intuitive nudges or answers to the questions we hold in our hearts - magic happens.

The Struggle is REAL!

Struggle IS real – when we are in resistance to what is happening in life. We grasp and hold on, and sometimes that works for us. Struggle and resistance can be great tools, teaching us about what we really desire and pointing us toward what is preventing us from achieving it. When you notice the …

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In the face of a tragedy, we often feel powerless.  We fumble for the cause, the reason, and often something or someone to blame.  Uncertain of our role, we ask “What can I do?” then falter at the silence that follows. What can we do?  What is our role? Each and every one of us …

Responsibility Read More »

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